Sunday, 13 June 2010

More Practice Part Deux & Dis'n'Dat!

Well, thanks to the darn rain I had some more time to practice making miniatures, whilst hubby painting bathroom (real size one)! I shabbied a candlestick which as you all know comes naturally to me!!! I also finished my little frames which I started a couple of weeks ago but couldn't find the tiny ribbons I had bought for them! It's my age I just keep forgetting where I have put things! Anyway I put my books and pitcher into the lounge and when tucked away into the far corner at a distance they don't look as bad! I also managed to shabby an old bed frame I've got and I will try to photograph that and post the piccies tomorrow night (after all we need a laugh on a Monday night to chase away that Monday feeling).

Anyway my real life bedroom is finished and I have to say looks quite nice and the bathroom is almost finished although that's just temporary until we have decided whether or not to pull the bath out and put in a large shower! Temporary to us though is quite a while! Ha, ha!

I hope work this week is better - think last week was probably one of the lowest points workwise. The department is certainly getting worse each day and to think a year ago we thought it couldn't get any worse. But I am prepared - I have my Rescue Remedy in my bag and the tissues at the ready!

Weightwise not a good week again !! Stayed the same again !! Think it might have had something to do with the takeaway and the vino! Hoping for a better week, although I do know that next Saturday will be a night of a lot of drinking and eating so need to save points for that!

Anyway the darned rain has finally stopped and it looks like it could be a lovely sunset - here's one I prepared earlier!


  1. The books and pitcher look fab in their new home and I love the candlstick! Seeing your books the other day made me try making some, thanks for the inspiration! Love the aged and much love bear too, very partial to bears is me, and also love the palm. Working up courage to try making a palm, seeing yours might get me motivated. Thanks for the peek.

  2. I love bears too - they are all over my full size house! I bought the palm many years ago but made one for a friend out of micropore surgical tape. Fold it over double with very thin florist wire in the middle and then cut it very finely, then shape and paint it - might have to have another go myself - more successful than my painting!!

  3. Thanks for the hint re micropore. I had wondered about that as it's thinner than the masking tape commonly used.

    I too have lots of bears! Most of them are packed away. Just the show winners and those most loved but perhaps not quite as perfect live permanently in the house.