Sunday, 6 June 2010

Making miniatures - more practice!

Well I was inspired by everyone else to make some books and pitchers. However, mine are not so good and I think or hope that 'practice makes perfect' athough I would settle for 'practice makes them better'!!!! On the books I realise there are gaps between the wood and the paper but didn't realise it was that bad until I saw the photos!!! But once on the shelves/tables, etc you might not notice - now where did I put those reading glasses??! The book covers were printables from Carolm and Lize and I am really sorry that I couldn't do your printies justice! The pitchers were courtesy of Marlies . I didn't really have the correct paper, etc so am off to buy some bits and pieces this week and have another go. The pink pitcher looks like one my mother-in-law has and has been painted several times over the years. I also tried to make a pitcher for my witches bedroom!!! I hope you don't all laugh too much! I was also trying to make these in between work and decorating - not a good idea. I have the ideas but I think I should stick to buying rather than making!

I haven't done any more work on Lake View and have come to a bit of a halt. I will need to get myself into gear and get cracking on it - it is still sat on our dining room table. Was going to paint the outside white but think it might be a bit too much so it might be more of a creamy colour, but tomorrow could be another change of mind!

On the weight side - stayed the same! Not surprising as had been naughty! Haven't done any exercising at all this week apart from a bit of walking so must sort that out this week too.

Not done much this weekend apart from helping hubby paint our bedroom - well at least I made cups of tea and cooked the dinner!!!!! It is all finished apart from the curtains to go up and it looks lovely.


  1. Well, I love what you've done! You've managed to make them look 'shabby', something I have trouble doing. Love the pink jug too, perfectly dinged up, just like the real thing.

  2. It wasn't hard Susan - it comes naturally - trouble is I wanted it to look more like yours!!! That's it then I have found my forte - extra shabby without the effort!

  3. What a hoot! We're never satisfied with our own efforts are we? I love yours, you prefer mine, shame we can't get together and learn from one another!!

  4. So cute! Thanks for sharing. I think minis are like food - it always tastes better (looks better) when someone else makes it.

  5. A mi me encanta como te han quedado.
    Lo que pasa es que cuando hacemos algo, siempre le vemos los fallos y siempre queremos hacerlo mejor.
    Pero la jarrita esta preciosa y los libros estupendos.
    besitos ascension

  6. Susan, Carol & Ascension your comments have cheered me up no end after a bad day at work. Yes Susan we could certainly learn a thing or two - mine would turn out much better!!! Carol you are so right! And Acension thank you so much but yes I do want to do better next time!

  7. I love your little pink jug! I need to age mine sometime, too. I use all kinds of paper to make the jugs....Colored cardstock works pretty good. You just have to remember to paint a couple layers of paint both inside and out-makes it stronger. I have a bunch I made with beads being painted right now....I'll have pics soon. And if your looking, there's a book tutorial somewhere back in my blog....if you can't find it, let me know:)

  8. Katie, thank you so much for your comment! I am so sorry I missed your comment too! I found the book tutorial on your blog - fab!! I am most definitely going to try that! Your bead jugs look good - think I might look out for some beads and try that too.