Saturday, 29 May 2010

This 'n' That

Haven't been posting for a while as work is really hectic and not pleasant at the moment. I keep threatening to do one of these 'secret blogs' where no-one knows me at all and write down what's going on at work!!!! The amount of bullying that goes on is unreal and the number of managers employed who do nothing all day is such a complete waste of money!!! Our work load has more than trebled in the last year and I have been told this week I will be getting more! Still now that's off my chest I feel better already.
The other reason for not posting is probably due to work I have not been too well - I have a couple of joint problems (skeleton not the other!!!!) but feeling a bit better today. BUT, I have managed to start losing weight again - lost 2lbs this week - whoo hoo!!! Mind, whilst I haven't been posting, I have been following all the other blogs.
I am still trying to work out a name for my new Lake View house. Hubby has now built the shell of the house and I had initially decided that I would paint the outside white; however today I am not so sure and think a creamy colour might be better. Then I didn't want textured paint but again today I have changed my mind - that's women for you! Having been inspired by everyone's blogs and the wonderful work they do, I have painted some resin furniture that I bought from Dolls House Emporium a few years ago. Instead of brown it is now white. I also painted a little teapot and so far I am fairly happy with the result - it's not as beautiful as everyone else's but it looks better than before. I am going to try and put some mole hills into my garden on my original house today too.
I am also looking forward to going to York Dolls House Show next weekend and like the last time I have a list and ideas of what I am looking for!
I was trying to work out if I had my security settings on Facebook correct and for some reason couldn't - so persuaded hubby to open an account! I know it sounds stupid but to me who is illogical it made sense! Anyway he duly did with the intention of cancelling the account. Anyway out of the blue yesterday he gets a message from an old friend who we have not seen for over 20 years!!!! Just goes to show that even though Facebook gets a lot of bad publicity there are some bright bits! So we are going to meet up with him and his wife for a drink and a good old natter.


  1. 2lbs in a week? Way to go girl!! It takes me a month to lose that much. Congratulations!

  2. Hi Susan - couldn't believe it !!! Checked the scales twice! Huge amount for me.

  3. Hi, thanks for popping into my blog, I hope you enjoy reading about my witchy world!
    Sorry to hear work is such a pain, in more ways than one, and I hope playing with your houses provides a little bit of relief.

  4. Hi Janice - have thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog! As I keep saying I am so envious of all you talented people. Work - well I find myself staring at the wall thinking about miniatures and all the ideas spinning round in my little head!!!