Saturday, 15 May 2010

Building Lake View part one & revamp of original house

Well hubby helped start the building work on the Lake View House - still haven't got a name for it but one or two ideas are buzzing around in my head at the moment. I think it is going to be a slow steady process - we never seem to have much time these days. Anyway have attached a couple of photos - excuse the mess and the bad lighting as this was late at night. Not only do I have the names going round in my head, but all the room ideas as well which keep changing!

Have also attached some photos of my original house showing the changing kitchen. Hubby had bought me the kitchen as part of my Wedding Anniversary present - sorry for the photos but my small camera is not working and with my joints being bad at the moment, I am haivng trouble holding the DSLR camera. Have also shown a couple of the basement garden (wish I had taken before photos) - again these are not so good but hey that's life! The kitchen is not finished. I am hoping to try and colourwash the floor this weekend.

Before & After

And now the garden - again not finished.


  1. La reforma de la cocina esta genial!!!
    El jardin te ha quedado precioso, enhorabuena!!
    besitos ascension

  2. Thank you for visiting my blog :-) I am so pleased to have discovered your blog especially as you start a new project. The kitchen looks great and I love the details in the garden. Look forward to seeing the house develop.