Saturday, 24 April 2010

OUCH!! Buzz off !

I got bitten on my leg 2 1/2 weeks ago whilst at work. It was very painful and within minutes it was bright red. The swelling and redness never really went down and got worse and eventually I had to go to the Doctors who put me on a weeks course of antibiotics!!! My hubby took two photos with his mobile phone - sorry about the state of my leg as I hadn't been able to re-do my fake tan and my ankle was really swollen and puffy too!!! I am on my 5th day of antibiotics and it is still very painful and poor me is feeling quite sickly. I have no idea what bit me!


  1. Ouch!!!! Were you allergic to the bite or has some awful infection caused most of the problem? It looks so sore!


  2. Hi Susan, not sure - think it was a it of both - reaction & infection! It is looking better today and I am not feeling as sick. It certainly paid to me doing any walking last week!! Laura