Sunday, 28 March 2010

Back from Holiday and YIKES!!!!!

Sorry haven't been on for a while but we've been on holiday - it was our silver wedding anniversary - 25 years!!!!! Bloomin' eck. We had a fantastic time. We went to my Aunt's first for dinner and she had arranged for some family members to come over and we had a really good night. We then went to Aviemore and had a fabulous time (although we always do!). The food was good - so good in fact I have piled the weight back on (believe me)!!!!! I have started my diet again today and it's not a case of having just put one or two pounds on..........................

I also managed to purchase one or two tiny things for my dolls house - I bought some sunflowers which I will photograph later today and put up - this is ready for the revamp of my basement garden. I also bought some tiny bits of leather and will have a go at making some books - that should be a good laugh.

I will also post up some photos that hubby and I took when on holiday - just to bore you all!

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  1. Ha ha, like the picture of the "work out" with the scale. Stop apologizing. We're all boring!The game is to pretend we aren't! Have fun. C