Sunday, 28 March 2010

Hello !!

Hi to some new followers! I was quite surprised this morning when I finally got on the computer - hello and welcome! Can't believe I have followers - I just hope that I can keep you all interested! And again I am in awe of you talented folks!

Back from Holiday and YIKES!!!!!

Sorry haven't been on for a while but we've been on holiday - it was our silver wedding anniversary - 25 years!!!!! Bloomin' eck. We had a fantastic time. We went to my Aunt's first for dinner and she had arranged for some family members to come over and we had a really good night. We then went to Aviemore and had a fabulous time (although we always do!). The food was good - so good in fact I have piled the weight back on (believe me)!!!!! I have started my diet again today and it's not a case of having just put one or two pounds on..........................

I also managed to purchase one or two tiny things for my dolls house - I bought some sunflowers which I will photograph later today and put up - this is ready for the revamp of my basement garden. I also bought some tiny bits of leather and will have a go at making some books - that should be a good laugh.

I will also post up some photos that hubby and I took when on holiday - just to bore you all!

Sunday, 14 March 2010

Mini gardening and Hello!

Well, another week has gone by but the good news is that I have managed to do some mini work - whoo hoo!! I have decided to revamp the basement garden as I feel it is too dark and needs cheering up. I had had this ivy for ages and finally got round to painting it - my first attempt and I am reasonably happy with it. I also put some greenery around the chimney pot I had - maybe later I will try and paint the pot (or age it!) but small steps at the moment. I also cut down a keyring I had with wellies on it and dirtied them up and used a finger bandage to put round the top. As a first attempt, again I am pretty happy!

It has been nice pottering about on miniatures, especially as work has been really dreadful and been a bit of a tearful week (you'd think at my age I would know better but stress can hit any of us at any time!). Next week is not going to be any better and we have yet another manager coming in to tell us what she wants us to do - how many managers does one department need?????
I also wanted to say hello to three new followers - I apologise for not spotting you earlier but work stress has really got in my way! Anyway hello to :

Hello to you all and it's an honour - thanks.

Saturday, 6 March 2010

Painting by Torchlight!

Well , I finally found some time the other night to practice photography with a torch. I should have been doing some work on my dolls house but....... Anyway I was a bit disappointed in the photos that I took but it was my first attempt and I am sure the old saying 'practice makes perfect' is true although I think it's going to take a lot of practice!!!!!