Sunday, 7 February 2010

Sunday 7 February 2010

My goodness the time flies when you get older!!! Sorry not posted for a while but so busy working. Didn't win the lottery this weekend so it's back to work tomorrow!
Not a lot has been happening apart from having a bit of a sort out in the house. I have been doing a little bit of work on my dolls house (only a teeny bit though!). I bought a bin from Delph miniatures and decided to try and authenticate it a bit more......................

I also made some little poppies before Christmas - my first time ever - they are not the best but I am quite happy with them at the moment.......

I have only just realised that I have another two followers and I apologise for not noticing - Nikki Rowe ( Nikki has other blogs and sites and you will find those links on her blog - she creates the most amazing miniatures and my other follower is minicrotchetmad ( another very talented person. Hello to you both.

Hubby and I are off to Aviemore in March and will be celebrating our Silver Wedding Anniversary whilst there (25 years married and 31 years together!!!) We try and go up there at least twice a year. Hopefully there will still be lots of snow when we get there. I am hoping to buy another camera before we go (well maybe......maybe not!).

Loch Morlich, Cairngorms


  1. Happy silver anniversary! I hope your trip is wonderful.

    I bought silver for my dollhouse for our silver anniversary, it made more sense to me than RL silver that would need polishing and take more time away from minis and I got a quite a lot of pieces for the same value!........

  2. What a good idea Susan - hadn't thought of that. I don't suppose a new silver coloured camera is the same?? Off to look at silver for the dolls house. Thanks Laura

  3. Heheh, new cameras come just slightly ahead of dollhouse silver don't they? You can't show off the silver without the camera! Good luck with both. I hope we get to see the dollhouse silver if you find some :)