Saturday, 9 January 2010

Saturday 09.01.10

Well yet again I haven't managed to post/blog!!!! Work just really gets in the way and it's been a busy week. It was pretty awful going back and you would think at my ripe old age I would know better than to imagine that it's a New Year and it will all be wonderful!!!! Going back to work was like being run over by a steam train! I found myself staring at the wall at work thinking about miniatures and my dolls house and all the wonderful things I could be doing at home instead.
The good news is that I managed to lose 5lbs !!! Couldn't believe it - long way to go but it's a start.
I am not used to blogging yet but just realised that I have two followers and I think I am supposed to say hello and thank you.
So hello to marivigano ( and also hello to Tallulah Belle ( Both these blogs are wonderful and certainly putting mine to shame. I really need to get this blogging into gear.

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