Wednesday, 13 January 2010

The dolls house!

I have been so busy at work but I still find myself staring at the wall thinking of 1:12 scale and everything I could be doing at home.

Anyway it's about time I posted a photo of my dolls house. I am so in awe of everyone's talent.

I am still determined to have a go at the shabby chic style which I adore - if I get chance this weekend I will google instructions/tips on this technique. I bought some new furniture for my witches room and would love to try it but daren't!!! Tells self 'Get a grip girl'! I am also still thinking about ideas for the basement and these ideas change on a weekly basis.

Anyway enough of this rambling. I have a lot to do but here goes with the photo of my house.

The photo was taken at Christmas hence the tiny Mr & Mrs Claus on the doorstep. You can also see the poppies I made. On the left hand side of the chimney is a pair of black boots (Santa's of course) and Santa's sack - I will need to do new boots for 2010. On the other side is the Santa weather vane. On the top right hand window is a little comical witch figurine loosely based on Bette Midler's character in Hocus Pocus (one of my favourite films). Also outside is a small labrador dog ornament with a slipper in his mouth - hubby bought me this many years ago, not long after we had got our own Labrador dog Sam who we sadly lost 3 years ago, so the ornament is treasured.

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