Saturday, 2 January 2010

2 January 2010 Happy New Year & the scales have yelled at me!

Well it's a New Year - Happy New Year to everyone - I hope it's a good 2010.
I finally stood on the scales this morning - they promptly yelled at me 'Get off' !! I cannot believe how much weight I have put on and then hubby suggests we go for a meal and a drink again tonight - aaarrrgghhh!!
The rebounder has been taken back downstairs ready (mini trampoline) in anticipation - I need to do 30 minutes every day at least and I am sooooo determined (now.........where have I heard that before??)
I have rejoined Weightwatchers on line.
Hubby and I have taken the Christmas decorations down this morning and the house looks so bare. I have still not taken my miniature decorations down, but am going to have to do so but again my little house is going to look quite empty. The ideas for my basement have already started swimming around though so will need to start work on that soon.
We had a lovely day out yesterday (New Years Day). We went to Bolton Abbey and it was lovely. It was very cold though and so icy in the car park - nearly fell over on the ice trying to shut the car doo! That would have been a sight for sore eyes and would probably have ended up on You Tube!
Bolton Abbey is owned by the Chatsworth Estate and is in the Yorkshire Dales. It is a wonderful day out. At the moment the Abbey is lit up with coloured lights.

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