Monday, 21 December 2009

Monday 21 December 2009

Well, a few days to go before the big day! Pressies are all wrapped although I do need one tin of chocolates for work and they are all in bags ready to be taken with me this morning to work so I can deliver quite a few this week. Very organised for me. Unfortunately cards aren't too organised and still writing - some now need to go 1st class!!
Still got snow and more forecast. Had to buy some new wellies yesterday and will post a photo later - promise!
It's going to be a hard week at work - especially as one of the secretaries (the most intimidating person I have ever met and a complete bully - our department seems to attract bullies!) has this bright idea that we can get all our work up-to-date by 04.01.10 (for me that means 23.12.09) as our line manager (a nursing sister) has told her that we will all have to pool our work soon and this is her idea of stopping it. Well that's fine in hindsight but she doesn't have the same workload that some of us have and her work standard is terrible and she desn't realise pooling the work won't decrease the workload. As another secretary pointed out aren't we going to be asked by management why we needed overtime for the last few months if we can suddenly catch up with the work now the overtime has stopped!!! Anyway off to get read to go to work for a very hard week ahead of me.

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