Saturday, 12 December 2009

10 December 2009

Well, I got the results of the MRI scan - severe arthritis! The options for treatment were painkillers & anti-inflammatory tablets (which I already take), injection into one of the joints and the third option is surgery with more risks than benefits and involves taking bits of bone off and fusing together in my wrist and hand! Sticking to the injections.
Work was really bad again this week. We have had too many changes and the place is a shambles. We have bad management and their attitude is 'cascading down' to other staff members. Admin staff have to make too many decisions and take responsibility as we cannot get answers from management and we are all sick of highlighting potential problems. We have decided from now on that we should keep quiet. We are also having a meeting in the New Year and are worried that we are going to be told there will be redundancies.
My dolls house is starting to look really good. The kitchen is now painted and I have put my old units back in but still not happy with them. I would love a kitchen from Elf Kitchens and after Christmas will send my kitchen measurements and any ideas I have and see if Elf Kitchens can help me come up with some plans.
I have decorated my dolls house for Christmas and it does look nice even if I say so myself!
Anyway got some more Christmas shopping done and bought our tree which looks lovely and I will post a photo. I still don't feel Christmassy though.

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