Sunday, 22 November 2009

Sunday 22 November 2009

Well, another wet day! Hubby and I decided to do some work around the houses today - the real one and my dolls house!
The top floor of the house has been taken over by Granny who is a witch! (Although haven't got the doll yet!). I have stained the floor boards down. I do need a new bed and hopefully might see something at the York show on Sunday 29 November (ooh I can't wait.....)
I have recently bought some fantastic hats, broom, pumpkin soup and various potions from Kat the Hat Lady and the most wonderful scrolls from Nikki at Witch & Wizard Miniatures. Thanks to both Kat and Nikki for their wonderful minis. I will put the photographs up later. (I did intend to take the photos today but it has been so dull and grey).
Well the weekend is nearly over and I will be back at work tomorrow - oh joy! Wonder what delights behold. I keep threatening to write the book but maybe this is a start.
The diet...............well nearly caved in tonight and had pizza but didn't. I have saved enough points tonight for cheese & biscuits - yum, yum.

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