Sunday, 1 November 2009

Sunday 1 November 2009

Well, what can we say about the weather - not a lot apart from the fact that it's ideal for ducks!

I am very new to 'blogging' and hope I can manage this!! I have thoroughly enjoyed reading some great blogs and seeing some of the amazing miniatures that people have produced - so jealous of them all! I hadn't touched my dolls house for approximately three years and suddenly started googling miniatures and hey presto - my house is in the middle of being revamped/finished. I have been out and bought all the mini mags again!!
I don't know how this happened apart from the fact that I was soooo stressed at work but having found all these wonderful blogs and got the bug back for miniatures, I can now get through the working day marginally easier (although really I just want to come home even more to work on my house!).
Well, the diet .....................what can I say. I manage to stick to it then hubby mentions a drink and the diet goes out the window along with the takeaway cartons!!!!

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