Sunday, 29 November 2009

MRI on wrist

I forgot to mention this - how could I???? I had this done on Wednedsay and wouldn't be surprised if I end up on You Tube! My scan was done in the mobile unit - very windy and wet and the steps were quite high and I nearly lost my skirt!

I was then told that scanning the wrist is one of the most difficult positions! Oh joy - not bad when I have joint and spine problems. Anyway had to lie on stomach with right arm straight out and wrist put in a cage with fingers out and my left arm under my chin - in the Superman pose (hopefully without the pants on the outside!)!! The cage was closed and then stuffed with some kind of padding and there was no chance of moving the wrist. Charming position I have to say and I had to lie like that for 20 minutes! I reckon my backside must have looked like a total eclipse! For a wrist - for goodness sake why can't you just stick your arm in the machine?

Anyway onwards and upwards ........... I stood on the step and the bed for the scan was still at chest height and there was absolutely no chance of reaching it! It didn't take Einstein to work that out. Anyway the bed was finally lowered and I took up the position which was very uncomfortable. That was the longest 20 minutes I have ever spent!!!! I get the results on 8 December and if there is nothing there I won't be a happy bunny.............

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