Sunday, 29 November 2009

MRI on wrist

I forgot to mention this - how could I???? I had this done on Wednedsay and wouldn't be surprised if I end up on You Tube! My scan was done in the mobile unit - very windy and wet and the steps were quite high and I nearly lost my skirt!

I was then told that scanning the wrist is one of the most difficult positions! Oh joy - not bad when I have joint and spine problems. Anyway had to lie on stomach with right arm straight out and wrist put in a cage with fingers out and my left arm under my chin - in the Superman pose (hopefully without the pants on the outside!)!! The cage was closed and then stuffed with some kind of padding and there was no chance of moving the wrist. Charming position I have to say and I had to lie like that for 20 minutes! I reckon my backside must have looked like a total eclipse! For a wrist - for goodness sake why can't you just stick your arm in the machine?

Anyway onwards and upwards ........... I stood on the step and the bed for the scan was still at chest height and there was absolutely no chance of reaching it! It didn't take Einstein to work that out. Anyway the bed was finally lowered and I took up the position which was very uncomfortable. That was the longest 20 minutes I have ever spent!!!! I get the results on 8 December and if there is nothing there I won't be a happy bunny.............

Saturday, 28 November 2009

My Dolls House

Well here goes my first time trying to put photos up .......

As I promised earlier here's some photos of my house (Granny's attic to be precise) and showing some of the hats, broom and potion bottles from Kat the Hat Lady and also the wonderful scrolls and books from Nikki (Witch & Wizard Miniatures).
I am quite pleased with the way the flooring turned out (it has been a while since I did any miniatures, etc and I am not terribly good at making things!).
The washing line idea came from one that I had purchased from a wonderful lady selling the most amazing stuff on ebay - Jane from Gingerbread House Primitives and she has very kindly given me permission to copy the idea for my house.
I have just bought the furniture and would love to 'kitbash and shabby it' but have absolutely no idea where to start ............. so if anyone can help I would love to hear from you.

Hubby and I are going to York Dolls House show tomorrow and I cannot wait!!! I am hoping to get a new bed and maybe a table for the witchy rooms and anything else I happen to see.

Sorry the photos are not too good - I have a very painful wrist and struggling to hold the camera. I could of course wait until hubby gets home from work but...............

And I have to say without my hubby's help I don't think I could do the dolls house. So a big thank you to him.

Only a Pound lost!

Well this has been a busy week workwise - it really does get in the way of other things!
I only managed to lose a pound this week and was quite disheartened as I still have a long way to go until a friend emailed me this little ditty:

Hello, do you know me? If you don't, you should...
I'm a pound of fat, and I'm the happiest pound of fat that you would ever want to meet.
Want to know why? It's because no one wants to lose me, I'm Only One Pound, just a pound.
Everyone wants to lose three pounds, five pounds or fifteen pounds but never one, so I just stick around and happily keep you fat!!
Then I add to myself ever so slyly so that you never seem to notice it... that is until I've grown to ten, twenty or even more pounds in weight!
Yes, it's fun being Only One Pound of fat, left to do as I please!
So when you weigh in, keep on saying, "Oh, I only lost one pound" (as if that were such a terrible thing!) For you see, if you do this you'll encourage others to keep me around because they think I'm not worth losing.
And I love being around you, your arms, your legs, your chin, your hips and every part of you!!!
So keep thinking it's only a pound and I'll be around for ever!!!

Sunday, 22 November 2009

Sunday 22 November 2009

Well, another wet day! Hubby and I decided to do some work around the houses today - the real one and my dolls house!
The top floor of the house has been taken over by Granny who is a witch! (Although haven't got the doll yet!). I have stained the floor boards down. I do need a new bed and hopefully might see something at the York show on Sunday 29 November (ooh I can't wait.....)
I have recently bought some fantastic hats, broom, pumpkin soup and various potions from Kat the Hat Lady and the most wonderful scrolls from Nikki at Witch & Wizard Miniatures. Thanks to both Kat and Nikki for their wonderful minis. I will put the photographs up later. (I did intend to take the photos today but it has been so dull and grey).
Well the weekend is nearly over and I will be back at work tomorrow - oh joy! Wonder what delights behold. I keep threatening to write the book but maybe this is a start.
The diet...............well nearly caved in tonight and had pizza but didn't. I have saved enough points tonight for cheese & biscuits - yum, yum.

Sunday, 8 November 2009

Remembrance Sunday 8 November 2009

It's Remembrance Sunday today and I will take time today to remember all those soldiers who have lost their lives - past and present. My thoughts are also with the soldiers who have been injured and those who are still risking their lives and with their families.

Sunday, 1 November 2009

Sunday 1 November 2009

Well, what can we say about the weather - not a lot apart from the fact that it's ideal for ducks!

I am very new to 'blogging' and hope I can manage this!! I have thoroughly enjoyed reading some great blogs and seeing some of the amazing miniatures that people have produced - so jealous of them all! I hadn't touched my dolls house for approximately three years and suddenly started googling miniatures and hey presto - my house is in the middle of being revamped/finished. I have been out and bought all the mini mags again!!
I don't know how this happened apart from the fact that I was soooo stressed at work but having found all these wonderful blogs and got the bug back for miniatures, I can now get through the working day marginally easier (although really I just want to come home even more to work on my house!).
Well, the diet .....................what can I say. I manage to stick to it then hubby mentions a drink and the diet goes out the window along with the takeaway cartons!!!!